Would you like to have a shoot at a unique location so your shots stand out from the crowd? Although we can get an amazing variety of shots within the studio and in the local neighborhood, nothing compares to shots on location that are completely original. If you have a great home, office or other location you'd like to use for your shoot, we'd love to come to you. 

We'll spend approximately 4-6 hours with you on location (including hair/makeup time, travel and lighting setup) making sure your location is setup and lit to match the look you're going for. If your location is not too far from our studio, it may also be possible to combine the two and get some studio shots done as well. These are our favorite shoots as they really let us get creative with the shooting environment and get great shots for your needs as well as our portfolio. 

Here is a quick reference list off all that's included with your shoot: 

  • The absolute best customer service around, combined with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.
  • No difference in pricing for men or women. 
  • Full hair and make-up for three different outfit changes by our professional stylist. 
  • As many dynamic angles/setups in your location as time will allow (at least 3 totally different setups). 
  • Four retouched images of your choice, provided as high-resolution digital files.
  •  Approx 4-6 hours location time (including hair/makeup time, travel and lighting setup).
  • All of our shoots are archived indefinitely in triplicate backup, so we'll always have your shots on file when you need them.
  • Possible shots in studio as well, depending on distance to location. 
  • Virtually unlimited number of shots, time permitted. Usually you'll end up with about 300-500 to choose from.
  • Each retouched file is optimized for both print and web (magazine/billboard ads, business cards, online ads, websites, etc) so you have everything you need to make an impact with your marketing. 
  • You have unlimited usage rights on all retouched images you order, so they are yours to use for whatever purpose you need, until you are ready to get some new shots with us.

The following additional package options can be ordered anytime:

  • 4x6 printed proofs in color or b/w - (price varies with total number of images) 
  • Duplicate copy of proofs CD - $20 each
  • Additional high-resolution retouched digital files, low-resolution web images (retouched or unretouched) - $75 each
  • Pick-up at studio, delivery, or electronic file-transfer for digital files available for all orders.